Murder Trial in Sight, Family Relieved


On Monday, August 11th, 2014 Superior Court Justice M.G. Ellies turned down an appeal submitted by defence counsel for Eric Mearow, Ron Mitchell and Dylan Jocko on May 12th 2014. The ruling of first degree murder for the three co-accused made by Ontario Court Justice Andrew Buttazzoni on October 28th, 2013 will stand.

The Crown and defence will appear in Superior Court on August 27th to establish a date for pre-trial conference.

In 2011, Mitchell, Mearow and Jocko were charged with first degree murder and being a party to indecently interfering with the remains of Wesley Hallam. Hallam’s decapitated and dismembered body was discovered in a deep ridge along Landslide Road on January 11th, 2011. It has been determined that Hallam was murdered January 7or 8th, 2011 during a house party at 30 Wellington St. East. The three co-accused have remained in custody since their arrests over three years ago.

Neither the co-accused nor the family of Wesley Hallam appeared in court today. However, the sister of Wesley Hallam, Shannon Hallam, commented today that the family is grateful that after three and a half years a trial date is finally in sight.

“We’re very, very relieved with the ruling. It’s been a long and difficult time for our family. I know we have years left of this but we’re thankful that so many people in the community have been supportive of us while we try to get through this.”


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