Musicians on a Mission


20140806_204129_resizedMusicians in Sault Ste. Marie have always come up big when someone was in dire straights or some organization needed the money. It is no different this summer. A variety of musicians have gotten together at the Trading Post and the Big Moose Ice Cream Parlour on Highway 17 North every week to raise money for the Soup Kitchen.

On Wednesday it was Frank Bock and “Al Motundo.”

The fund raiser has been going on for the last three years and Frank tells that they are well on their way to breaking the previous high.

What will help this year is a donation by O’Sullivan Funeral Home. They contributed a dollar for each Ice Cream that was sold from 7 to 9pm.

20140806_203916_017_resizedNext gig is on Wednesday, Aug. 13th from 3pm to 9pm.