New Food at Algoma U


Starting today, Morningstar Hospitality Services Inc. will be the new food service provider at Algoma University.

Morningstar provides the finest culinary services and efficient, sustainable facility management services. Morningstar only uses the freshest whole foods and ingredients, prepares meals from scratch, and creates menus that elevate the dining experience. With a permanent red seal chef and significant experience working with indigenous and international food delivery, Morningstar will bring a variety of healthy food options to Algoma University community members for a competitive price.

“We are very pleased to welcome Morningstar Hospitality Services Inc. to Algoma University,” said Tom Mauro, Director of Ancillary and Student Services at Algoma University. “Morningstar promises to deliver quality service and exceptional, healthy food, which will positively impact the student experience on campus.”

The current food service provider’s contract will expire on August 31. With the help of student surveys, and advice from other Ontario universities and colleges, a focus group (comprised of the Algoma University Students’ Union President, two other students, two administrators, and one staff member) was formed on campus, which issued a request for proposal (RFP) in May. The RFP challenged Canadian food service providers to provide high-quality foods for a competitive price, while also catering toward the diverse demographic population that makes up the University’s student body.

The RFP resulted in a healthy competition of bids. After much deliberation, Morningstar was selected. Morningstar’s commitment to using fresh ingredients, as well as their welcoming of student input and feedback in regards to menu options, service, and quality, helped solidify the decision.

“I am so thrilled to announce that Morningstar will be joining the Algoma U family this fall as our new food service provider,” said Caleb Smikle, President of AUSU and a member of the Food Services Advisory Panel. “I could not be more proud of the hard work that went into making this choice and the amazing outcome. Morningstar will offer our students food of great quality, which is sure to appeal to any taste, which is so important to our diverse community here at Algoma U.”

Morningstar will begin service at Algoma U today. They will officially open their full-service cafeteria in Friday, August 29, 2014.

While Morningstar completes minor cosmetic renovations and upgrades to their new location in the University cafeteria, they will be operating with a limited menu from the University’s student-centre, The Speak Easy, to accommodate the students, staff, and faculty who are still on campus. For those living on residence, an evening barbeque will be held each night from 5:00-6:00pm.

“We at Morningstar, a proud Canadian Aboriginal company, are extremely excited to be the new provider of food services at Algoma University. As a culinary management company, we provide a fresh, sustainable approach to café and catering services in the Canadian Higher Education, Corporate and Government sectors. At Algoma University, our certified Chef and his team will serve a from scratch, healthy, and culturally diverse menu that will offer delicious, nourishing food and create a fun atmosphere. We are committed to supporting student success and campus enjoyment and look forward to interacting with students, staff and guests, getting to know their tastes, and delivering outstanding food service,” said Chris Trainor, President of Morningstar.

Algoma University would like to thank Chartwells for their commitment to the University since 2002. Many Chartwells employees will remain and continue employment at the University with Morningstar.