Sheehan Makes It Official


City Councillor Terry Sheehan has filed his nomination papers for re-election in Ward 2.

This is the sixth time Sheehan has filed papers to represent Ward 2 and the City.
Terry was first elected Ward 2 Councillor in 2003 and subsequently re-elected in 2006 and 2010. Prior to be being a Councillor he served two terms (1997 to 2003) as a school board trustee representing Ward 2 and the City.

According to Sheehan, “I am proud of what I have accomplished during my three terms as a City Councillor. Whether it’s something as fundamental as roadwork or as important as our youth, I like to think that I am making a difference on the community’s behalf.”

SHEEHANBusiness – Sheehan has spent most of his career working in business and economic development in both the private and public sectors. He brings current business knowledge and trends to the Council table. According to Sheehan, “We need to support our current businesses and continue to diversify our local economy to create good paying jobs.” Sheehan is currently employed as an employment and training consultant with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

Jobs – Sheehan is spearheading a multi-facet business incubator for the downtown and the City. Studies show that entrepreneurs that use business incubators services have an 87 percent chance of being successful and creating more jobs. It is anticipated that the business incubator will be up and running in early 2015.

Infrastructure & Roads – We have completed a substantial amount of roadwork in recent years. Sheehan is committed to making sure that Ward 2 gets more road and infrastructure work done. “I will continue to work with constituents and City staff to determine where improvements are needed.”

Youth – Sheehan is known for his work with the City’s greatest resource our youth and has championed many causes for our Youth. According to Sheehan, “Our young people are looking for more entertainment options, quality education, and good jobs – convincing them to live and work in Sault Ste. Marie means continuing to work on these challenges. My job as your City Councillor will be to ensure that this work gets done.”

Sheehan is leading the City’s reapplication for a Youth-Friendly designation from Playworks, an independent provincial third-party. “Five years ago I was proud that we were able to achieve a Gold Youth Friendly designation with our very first application. My hope now is that we can improve on this excellent rating and in 2015 achieve the highest rating of Platinum.”

Waterfront Redevelopment – Another priority for Sheehan has been to ensure a successful transition for the old hospital site to a new development, including the next phase of the waterfront walkway.

Affordable Housing – Affordable housing remains one of the biggest challenges facing our community. Sheehan during his tenure as Councillor has worked on and is committed to working towards improvement to affordable housing.

Quality Service – Constituent work is one of Sheehan’s strengths. He has received and sent out over 15,000 thousand emails, answered thousands of telephone calls and sent out a variety of Ward 2 newsletters.

Quality Representation – Sheehan has also organized and/or attended many public meetings on a range of topics, such as road development, hub trail, flooding mitigation, the truck route designation, recycling, social issues, economy, health, education, culture, youth issues, alternative energy and building infrastructure.

“I ask you once again for your support so that we can continue to strengthen our community. If you can help out in anyway this election it would be greatly appreciated or if you would like a sign please call 705-949-1130 or email [email protected]