THANKS EVERYONE – Here We Grow Again!

Here We Grow Again

Thanks to all you amazing people, SaultOnline has found ourselves having maxed out and outgrown our current connection to the internet. As you have most likely noticed, over the past few months the site has been just a wee bit on the S L O W side. Despite all our efforts to implement optimizations up the wazoo, this has only been a bandaid solution. It’s time to move SaultOnline to a new home.

We’ve been told that the move should be completely transparent, other than a noticeable improvement in speed serving up content. We’d like to take the cautious route by letting everyone know that should Murphy drop by unannounced, rest assured, the team will be working feverishly to resolve any issues that he may toss our way.

The Team will be providing updates on both our Facebook Page and via Twitter… FINGERS CROSSED 😉

Thanks for making SaultOnline the fastest growing media site in our Naturally Gifted Community!!!

– the SaultOnline Team