Weird Wild and Wacky Poutine Eating Tour: Man vs. Beast

Smoke's Poutinerie World Tour 2014

Smoke’s Poutinerie World Famous Great Canadian Cross Country Plaid Gravy Train Fries Curd & Gravy Weird Wild and Wacky Poutine Eating Tour 2014 is about to hit the Roberta Bondar Pavilion tomorrow at 11am! The tour features super stunts, phenomenal prizes and eating theatrics beyond what was thought humanly possible. 17 cities in 17 days, spreading gravy greatness over Canada.

Three of the World’s Top Competitive Eaters with stomachs of steel and a taste for the weird will be on hand for a Man vs. Beast eating competition.

Smokes Tour Eaters

“Furious Pete” is 100% Canadian, a renowned body builder, an Engineer, a holder of 10 Guiness World food eating records and can eat a 12” pizza with a knife and fork in 35 seconds! 17 bananas in 45 seconds! and a 72 oz steak in 6:48!

Meanwhile, look what “Deep Dish” can devour in 10 minutes. It could be 21 lbs of grits or 10.63 lbs of corned beef and cabbage or 275 jalapenos! (Holy Shit!) This guy was ranked #2 in the World and has beaten the likes of #1 Eaters – Joey Chestnut and Kobayashi! He is suitably known as the “Michael Jordan of Eaters.”

“Gravy” rounds off our trio as another top World professional eater. He broke the World record for eating baby back ribs. 7.8 lbs in eight minutes! He’s eaten 130 wings, 28.5 pancakes and 38 sausages all in 10 minute spans. More of a philosopher, “Gravy” is the self-proclaimed spokesperson for the Group. As “Gravy” sees it, “Furious” is the sex appeal, “Deep Dish” is the Michael Jordan and he is the Loud Mouth!” A veritable Triumvirate not to be missed.

Well what about the Man vs. Beast part? Well all local Franchisee, Paul Fowler would comment to was… “Main even is “MAN VS. BEAST” use your imagination. Now imagine something better and you’re just getting close.”

Oh, and did we mention they are giving away FREE POUTINE most of the day!? Head on down and check it out tomorrow, Sunday August 10th, from 11am to 1pm at the Roberta Bondar Pavilion.