You’re Being Watched This Long Weekend


The Superior East Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is getting ready for a busy Labour Day Long Weekend. One of the main enforcement objective will be focusing on distracted drivers, officers will take a no nonsense approach to tailgating, speeding and other aggressive driving behaviour that tend to force other road users into dangerous situations. During the Labour Day Long Weekend in 2013 the Superior East OPP responded to 9 traffic complaints and 1 collision. OPP also laid numerous traffic charges; including 32 speeding 4 seatbelt, 1 fail to stop at stop sign, 1 fail to surrender insurance card, 2 drive no licence and 3 for moving violations.

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officers, other police service personnel, paramedics and firefighters work tirelessly on Ontario roads to keep them safe for everyone. However , their own lives will be endangered by drivers who do not focus on their driving.

Enhanced highway safety is achieved when a partnership is struck between the motoring public and law enforcement personnel. The motoring public can rely on the OPP to hold up their end of the bargain by being vigilant in their monitoring of area highways and remaining dedicated to preventing tragedies.