46th Parallel – All Aboard The Norgoma!


All aboard for the second annual 46th Parallel, Music, Art and Media Festival, which will feature local artist, musicians and talent from around the world. This years event will be held on the historic MS. Norgoma, September 19th and 20th, playing host to workshops, film screens, vintage radio plays and a number of concerts, all contained within the hull of this unique local landmark.

With a ‘sailor chic’ dress code, VIP ($40) and regular ticket options ($15), as well as a host of great event partners, the 46th Parallel will offer attendees access to the new and used vinyl records, yoga and massages, films, artisan coffee, themed cocktails, vintage radios and the best food truck cuisine the city has to offer. Tickets are available at Algoma University Student Union, Westport Coffee Company, Rad Zone & the Downtown Association.

A mix of physical and digital exhibitions are part of this years 46th Parallel and will feature more than 25 artists, vendors, poets and performers from all around the world. The contributors scheduled offer Sault Ste. Marie a glimpse into both local and international creative minds.

Regardless of skill level, grab your spray paint, laptop, dance shoes or yoga mat and attend one of our free workshops for the local community, this years’ festivities include: graffiti, introduction to illustration, morning Yoga with Jade Wellness Studio, Cinema Politica screening and discussion of ‘Slingshot Hip Hop’, live podcasting, vintage gaming and over 6 hours of local music.

The 46th Parallel is only made possible by partnering with the local community and stakeholders, including the Downtown Association, Passport to Unity, Arts Council of Sault Ste. Marie, Maxx Entertainment, Jade Wellness Studio, LopLops Lounge, Gnarly Bistro, The Rad Zone, Westport Bean Company, Cinema Politica, Ears and Eyes,Algoma University Student Union, Thinking Rock Community Arts, Sqorch.com and the MS Norgoma.

For more information about the festival lineup and tickets, visit the 46th Parallel Facebook page or website site below.

t: @the46thparallel
Facebook: 46th Parallel