911 Service Down, Now Restored


Yesterday afternoon at 3:04pm the Sault Ste Marie Police Service discovered that all 9-1-1 phone lines that operate out of the Police Services building on Second Line East had gone down. As a result an emergency plan was activated and 9-1-1 service was restored very quickly.

The Police service maintains an off-site alternate work station equipped with 9-1-1 backup lines for such an emergency. This work station was utilized yesterday. A communications operator was transported to the backup location, backup lines were tested, and 9-1-1 service was restored by 3:40pm.

Communication Operators were able to review missed calls in the 36 minute window service was down and found one property related incident which was dealt with after restoration of service.

Service technicians have been able to locate the problem in the 9-1-1 hardware and service has been fully restored with calls now being routed thru the regular 9-1-1 lines to the Police Services building.