ADSB Staff Engaged in Summer Learning

Principal Debra Kent and ADSB Wellness Special Assignment Teacher Davey Taylor.

At Tuesday’s Committee of the Whole meeting, Principal Debra Kent and Davey Taylor updated Trustees on a summer learning session that was held for administrators in August. Taylor is the Board’s new Wellness Special Assignment Teacher. Weaving well-being into the work place was the focus of the 2-day summer session. A keynote address was presented by Jane Riddell the Chief Operations Officer for 30 years at GoodLife Fitness. She shared some of the highs and lows that have grown GoodLife Fitness into the success it is. The management team of GoodLife, over time, honed in on what their shared values were and what they would use as criteria for decision making. Those shared values are: caring, trust, integrity, passion, peak attitude, happiness and personal fitness.

In speaking with Algoma District School Board’s principals, vice principals and managers Jane reiterated that strong leaders recognize the talent of their staff. They understand the importance of feedback from employees and seek it out even if it has to be a difficult conversation. She also echoed Director Lucia Reece’s message that staff well-being is a critical part of job satisfaction and staff motivation.

ADSB administrators worked through eight interactive sessions which were hosted by community partners involved in health, fitness and well-being. Sessions included yoga and meditation; physiotherapy and learning the effects of the “sitting disease”; healthy eating ideas including ways to boost daily energy; fitness drills and cooperative games that can be shared at schools; junior leadership opportunities through Right To Play; learning the link between exercise and the brain; and outdoor education opportunities that are offered locally.

Later in August, ADSB staff members from business departments at the Education Centre, North and East offices and the Plant Department took part in a session led by Doug Bolger. Doug is a facilitator with Learn2Solutions.

This group of ADSB employees doesn’t always have direct contact with students but plays an important role in the strength of our system and the key roles of support staff and how they affect students and schools. The day provided a great way to show appreciation and to develop a link to the Board’s Mission: “We build confident learners and caring citizens.”