Amazing Times

Dave and Karen Rector at a pit stop

You may have seen teams of two racing around town Tuesday. They could have been frantic, nervous, unsure and out of breath. Each second counts.

That didn’t stop the team of Karen and Dave Rector from posing for a photo though – Thank You! The couple were part of the Amazing Race sponsored by the OLG Sault Casino for the United Way.

The event works just like the popular TV show except instead of jet setting across the globe, the teams must make their way to predetermined locations in the city to find their clues.

In all 12 teams gathered clues at specific pit stops all trying to get to the finish line first.

The Karen and Dave won it last year, but this year, the fourth annual, they were lagging behind. We caught up with them at Northside Toyota where they were given another clue. “I don’t feel too good this year” Karen Rector said.

The event will raise over $3,000 for the United Way that just kicked off their annual campaign.


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