Bringing Creative Minds Together

Josh Ingram and Alexander Wood - creators of the 46th Parallel and owners of 8:56 Marketing
A perfect venue to showcase the arts and music in the Sault
A perfect venue to showcase the arts and music in the Sault

It’s a two day event that celebrates, art, music and media all in one spot. 46th Parallel a brain child of Josh Ingram and Alexander Wood own a branding marketing company 8:56 in Sault Ste. Marie. “we kind of have this third branch in the company that is a think tank, and it’s all the cool things we want to do that goes into that and we really just wanted to take the opportunity to give back to the community that we work in” Said Josh Ingram

“We want to highlight the great work that people are doing” Ingram added. Participants can take advantage of community workshops ranging from graffiti, introduction to illustration, morning Yoga with Jade Wellness Studio, Cinema Politica screening and discussion of ‘Slingshot Hip Hop’, live podcasting, vintage gaming and over 6 hours of music from local musicians and from out of town acts.

“we held the first one last year and we were encouraged by it to do it again this year” Ingram said. The event moved to a new venue for 2014. The MS Norgoma played host giving the ship a new “purpose” as a venue for the arts. 25 artists, vendors, poets and performers from all around the world were part of the line-up.

Darren Emond, a comic book artist and magician was on hand for one of the community workshops

“we love the Norgoma, we have plans for other events other than 46th Parallel, we have a wealth of great artists, I am proud today because we see a lot of diversity, it’s nice to see the traditional art but that was our goal, to find tons of different genres” Ingram said.

The event was open to all ages though it’s main target is 18 and up. The evening portion is restricted to those over 18 featuring live or recorded music with a bar setting.

Like any event, the success is due partly by the community minded businesses getting behind the project,Downtown Association, Passport to Unity, Arts Council of Sault Ste. Marie, Maxx Entertainment, Jade Wellness Studio, LopLops Lounge,” Gnarly Bistro, The Rad Zone, Westport Bean Company, Cinema Politica, Ears and Eyes,” Algoma University Student Union, Thinking Rock Community Arts, and the MS Norgoma all helped to bring this year’s event to fruition.


All sorts of musicians were able to play their music through out the day
All sorts of musicians were able to play their music through out the day


Local artist Adrienne A. Boutin displayed her original art work and photography.


Ellysha Quizzi and Clara Wismen volunteers from the Art Gallery of Algoma