Brown Water Alert For Forest Ave.


PUC customers in the area generally bounded by Ontario Avenue to Wellington Street and Pim Street to Upton Road are reminded that during the road reconstruction project on Forest Avenue, there is a possibility customers in the area could draw discoloured water.

This is due to the PUC taking the opportunity provided by the City’s road reconstruction project to replace and upgrade a large section of the water distribution system in The Crescent and Forest Avenue area.
The discoloured water may occur Thursday Sept. 18th, 2014 (weather delay date: Friday, Sept 19th) when the PUC isolates and disconnects a section of watermain that is slated for replacement at the intersection of Simpson Street and Forest Avenue. During this process, there is a chance some customers outside of the working area could also experience discoloured water. This is due to the fact that any time there is a major change in the rate and direction of water flow within the distribution system, sediment in the watermains can be disturbed and carried along with the water.

We apologize for this inconvenience to our customers, and wish to thank everyone for their understanding and cooperation.