For Consideration of Council


Ward 3 Candidate, David Poluck is chiming in on the Chilly Willy’s Sports Bar controversy and issued the following letter to council.

Madam Mayor, Councilors,

After reviewing by-law 2011-163 which authorizes an execution of an agreement between the City and Chilly Willy’s Sports Bar and Grill (Demised Area) of a restaurant /lounge at the Rhodes Arena commencing October 1, 2011 for a term of three years and expiring September 30, 2014 with clause 2(b) setting the terms for lease renewal.(see attached).

It would appear that a decision has been made to change the direction of property usage seeing that there has been no agreement reached as laid out in bylaw 2011–163.
It is my understanding that this lease is not being renewed with the current tenant and the process of tender will no longer commence as there has been in past practice.
This is of concern.
Although it is understandable that a landlord may make decisions in direction to their property I have been unable to determine when and where such discussion or process has occurred leading to the changing of the “Demised Area” from a restaurant/bar and to be considered and deemed for other uses.
My thought would be that an expectation of documentation would be available showing direction from council to staff seeking a study of the usages with a report back to council for debate, consideration and vote.
I seek clarification to the order of events that has lead to the discontinuation of tendering with respect to the location (Demised Area) as a restaurant/bar.

I am asking you as our representatives to make a request of staff to report back to council on the following in order to coordinate and focus the discussion leading towards a clear decision to the usage of the “Demised Area” within the Rhodes facility.

1) Continue the current tender and lease process.
2) Renew negotiations as per 2011-163 section 2(b)
3) Discontinue tender and lease process.
4) Change “Demised Area” usage designation.

The issue of the east end library should be dealt with individually and separately as not to confuse or muddy the discussion of the “Demised Area” at the Rhodes Arena seeing that it is a moot point until usage has been determined.

I thank you for your time and look forward to the discussion and resolution to this matter.

David Poluck