Getting Down Right Chilly This Week


Some of you may have heard that Calgary and other parts of Alberta could see the first snow of the season today – about 5cm is forecast to fall there along of course with some very chilly air.

Take note, because that same air will make its way to the Great Lakes by Thursday dropping temperatures by over ten degrees by the end of the weekend. In fact, frost is not ruled out by the end of the week.

The good news is we won’t see snow – the frigid air will moderate by the time it reaches the Great Lakes – but it will be chilly enough for you to get your fall jackets out.

The chilly air starts to move in Wednesday but by Thursday along with rain showers the forecast high is only 10c – normally the temperatures sit at  about 19c.

The chilly damp weather sticks around until Friday with a slight warm up next weekend. Overnight lows could range from just 2c to 4c.

Long range forecasts are still indicating  frost by the end of the month, yet a warmer than normal October.

It will take a few days for that chilly air to make it here so enjoy the seasonal temperatures of 23c today and tomorrow.