Impaired Driver Stops For Gas

Drinking and Driving

On 27 Sept 2014 at approximately 11:50 p.m. police were called to the Esso gas station at 3 Trunk Road for an impaired driver who had been followed to the gas station and was attempting to pump gas.

Witnesses were able to describe obvious signs of impairment. The accused, 23 year old Dali Longo of 72 Dell Avenue, refused to comply with officers request to identify himself, turn over his keys or refrain from driving.

He was taken into custody and refused a breath test and drug recognition test. He has been charged with obstruct police, refuse to provide a breath sample and care and control of a motor vehicle while his ability to do so was impaired. He will appear in court on 27 October 2014.

Meanwhile at Canada Customs..
42 year old Janet Jones of 126 Greensky St. in Garden River was arrested and charged at approximately 1 a.m. this morning after her vehicle was stopped at Canada Customs. She was issued a roadside screening device for suspicion of alcohol consumption and subsequently failed.

Investigation and subsequent breath tests resulted in illegal limits of alcohol in her blood. She will appear in court on 27 October 2014.