Lorena Tridico Sets The Record Straight


This release is in response to the CTV news coverage this evening at 6pm regarding my bid for election as a City Councillor in Ward 4. It should come with no surprise to the constituents of Ward 4, nor to my opponents that I would seek election to re-claim my seat in the 2014 municipal election. I have remained heavily involved in the issues impacting Ward 4 residents and businesses since the 2010 election, and issues affecting the community at large.

It is quite disappointing that CTV focused on the past, emphasizing that I “got off on a technicality” on the remaining charge. The reality was, I was not given the opportunity to defend this charge, which I am confident I would have been found innocent of. My opponents are utilizing this past matter as a tactic to shift focus away from the real issues pertaining to Ward 4 including ineffective leadership, lack of fiscal responsibility, and creating a safe and vibrant Ward 4. Please find attached the original release, which provides clarity on the issues at hand.

September 17, 2014

The purpose of this release is to set the record straight, and to move forward with a clean election campaign focused on the needs of the constituents of Ward 4, and to put the past behind us.
In 2006, I ran for Ward 4 City Councillor and was elected by overwhelming majority to be the first woman and youngest to represent the area. Shortly thereafter, I was charged under the Municipal Elections Act, charges I was innocent of and vehemently fought. I was found not guilty of the one charge and there was a stay of proceedings with the other. I am confident that I would have been found not guilty of that charge as well had the court not taken so long to address the matter.
During the 2006 election, continuing into the 2010 election, one of my opponents and their campaign team ran a malicious and calculated smear campaign against myself and members of my family. They used vicious tactics to try to intimidate me and compromise my electoral activities. As a direct result of this political vendetta, I was unsuccessful in my bid for re-election.

It was well known that during my time on Council, I was under tremendous pressure and scrutiny by my
opponents. Regardless of whatever obstacle was placed before me, I rose above it and believe that I did an incredible job as a City Councillor, focusing on the concerns of the constituents of Ward 4. This speaks to my character and to my leadership abilities.

This is old news; this allegedly occurred 8 years ago. I have moved on from this, clearly my opponents and their supporters have not. We must now shift focus on the current issues in the city, more specifically Ward 4.

Let us redirect our energy, and focus on what really matters most, a strong and vibrant community, and accountable City Hall. I have a well-established reputation of being a tenacious grass roots leader, which some people fear, however this is what is needed to move this city forward.

I would like to thank all of my supporters who have stood with me during these challenging times. I returned to this city to make a positive change, and have a vested interest in representing the NEXT generation in municipal politics.

On October 27th it is my hope to once again represent the constituents of Ward 4 as their City Coun


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