Manzo Says Good-Bye


FRANK-MANZOFrank Manzo issued the following release today – making it official that he will not be running for re-election in this year’s Municipal Election.

Hello my honourable and loyal constituents of Ward 6.

And the other five wards.

I make this announcement by this press release with the deepest regret.

I will not be running in the 2014 election due to the longevity of my illness.

If the good Lord could provide me a miracle that I could be blessed with restored health then I would run for Ward 6 Councillor again.

No such thing has happened.

I will surely miss all of you in Ward 6 and the entire City.

I just loved working for you on City Council accepting your phone calls with your requests and complaints.

Again, I will sure miss all of you.

If my health could be restored I would be running for Ward 6 to help you as well as the entire City.

I love all of you.

also would like to thank my partner Joe Krmpotich for all his help and the rest of City Council members.

Joe Krmpotich and I worked as a team .

Thanks Joe.

I would also like to thank Dr. Bryan Dumanski for attending many meetings at the Sault Ste. Marie Conservation Authority, when the issue of the wetland was taking place, at the special meeting of December 13, 2012.

This meeting was a real disaster.

Sorry that I cannot run for Council due to the length of my illness.

I will miss you all.

Frank Manzo

Councillor, Ward 6


  1. I want to wish Frank Manzo well. He has some health issues but talking to him on the phone, he sounds like the guy we have always known and personally, very fond of. Especially his passion for SSM.
    But, I like what I’m seeing with some of these younger candidates running for Council. I think that’s exactly what the doctor ordered. Youth, intelligence, energy, innovative ideas, passion for continuing on a reasonably positive path that has been occurring during these past 4 years. What this upcoming Council does not need and the electors should be very weary of is older, re-cycled candidates with nothing knew to offer; coming back with old, out-dated ideas that will, simply stated, make them unqualified for the position for what lies ahead for this City. Simply stated, being a nay-sayer and offering nothing of substance does not make someone a viable candidate. Sure, some might say that it worked for someone like Frank Manzo, God bless him, but what we need is Councillors with constructive, creative ideas, going forward. I would suggest being very critical and watchful of that during this race, when you listen to the candidates and when you ultimately go to the polls next month.
    Some ward races should be very interesting to follow. The mayor’s race should prove to be a nail-biter, especially now that Provenzano has come on board. Good luck to all the mayoral candidates. Keep in mind folks, good, strong leadership will be extremely vital if this City is going to continue to grow, prosper and attract employment opportunities for our youth.
    Again, take care Frank Manzo. Wish you many years of good health. All the best to you and your family. I know we’ll be talking soon, especially during this municipal election.

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