Marchy Bruni in the Hot Seat


Today we have Marchy Bruni, councillor for ward 5. We discuss, as usual, the water quality as well as the issue of the infrastructure in ward 5.

The battle is on for seats on city council. Election day is October 27 and there seems to be more candidates running than usual.

Will first term mayor Debbie Amaroso be unseated by an intelligent lawyer? Will Butland finally be unseated after years of a brown water problem in his ward, a problem that seems to be getting worse, or is young blood needed? Are voters still happy with Sheehan and Myers in ward two? No incumbents are running in ward 3 so who will represent the people of that ward. Ward four will see a controversial ex- councillor return to try and get her seat back. A very vocal and ardent ex-councillor wants to see action in ward five, and with Frank Manzo retiring, who will replace him in ward six, a woman with years of experience on the school board or a lawyer who grew up in ward six and returned to Sault Ste. Marie to raise a family.

Whoever wins in this election, it’s going to be an exciting time before the votes are cast, with all the issues facing Sault Ste. Marie. Brown water, pot holes more visible than council itself, the new PUC building, the borrowing of money to fix the city’s electrical system, affordable housing, and the apparent zero % tax increase in an election year are just some of the issues voters are facing going into this election. Who are you going to vote for? is presenting just some of the candidates in interviews from all across the Sault. Make sure to watch and listen to see what their platforms are and how they intend on fixing up the problems that exist for Sault Ste. Marie.