Matt Sinclair: Living the Good Life With FASD


Between the ages of eighteen and twenty-three Matt spent life in and out of jail. “I was in for theft or assault or possession. The courts just put me on probation and watched me come back on breaches. And they watched me fail over and over again.”

There are a disproportionate number of individuals with FASD locked up in the penal system. Some researchers estimate the rate of FASD to be ten times higher inside the Canadian prisons than in the general population. Matt explained that people with FASD are more inclined to trust. Add to that a desire to be accepted those with the diagnosis are easy to exploit.

“Gangs love us. We’re easy to manipulate. They think ‘hey this guy will take the rap for me and then he’ll get out and we’ll be buddies again’. You’re always in jail and gangs are always in jail. It’s a no-win situation.”

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