Memories, good or bad, are still memories and are imbedded in one’s mind forever.

No one can ever say that all the memories of their working life were good ones but at the end of the day, you made it to the end and when you meet up with some one that you worked with for so many years, the bad ones seem to have faded away.

IMG_4098On Saturday, September 6, 2014, former employees of the structural department of Algoma Steel met up for one of the many reunions that they’ve had over the years. Faces have changed, bodies have grown, and personalities have also changed. You might not even recognize some of them, but given time and a little chatter, it all comes back.

Pictures of this year’s reunion are enclosed with this article so that the ones that didn’t manage to attend the reunion can see the changes that have occurred to their work mates.
Some things to remember:

The Old Siemag and all the re-straights that the inspectors used to mark up
Putting hot bars through the Siemag and then watching them bend to unacceptability
Doing so many rails and being able to go home after you got your count
Adding rails to the count so as to finish earlier and then rushing to the hotel for a few cold ones
Burning your hands when you had to mark the heat number on the wide flange bars
Rolling rails and then having to change over to the wide flange for a three hour order and then going back to angles or channels on the rail mill side again
All the cobbles we used to get, That wasn’t bad, it meant a break
The previous were some of the things that used to happen in the Rail Mill, but the most important thing is the friendships that we developed during our working life, a place that we used to spend at least a third of our lifetime.
Oh, so many memories.