More Names On The Ballot


Those interested in running for the municipal election have until 2pm on September 12 or you gotta wait it out for four more years.

Several names have been added to the candidate’s list for councillor and Mayor along with Trustee positions for two school boards.

Andy Martens is the latest to add his name to the list. Martens made if official at noon Monday that he is in the running for councillor for Ward 1. Making it a three way race for that ward incumbents, Steve Butland and Paul Christian are seeking re-election. Derek Crowell Also announced his candidacy Monday making it now a four way race in Ward 1.

Wanda McQueen, a former ADSB School Trustee is seeking a seat in Ward 6 joining incumbent Joe Krmpotich and former Ward 6 councillor Ozzie Grandinetti and chiropractor Bryan Dumanski. Ross Ramono also announced his candidacy in the Ward 6 race Monday. It is believed that Frank Manzo will not seek re-election after 40 plus years of representing that ward.

The race in Ward 2 is heating up somewhat, with both incumbents seeking re-election, Terry Sheehan and Susan Myers along with two new comers Michael Selvers and John Duke.

We will definitely see new faces in Ward 3. Both incumbents, Pat Mick and Brian Watkins are not seeking re-election. David Poluck joins Matthew Shoemaker, Luke Macmichael, Judy Hupponen and Tim Thibault.

Ward 4 will see a race between , Luke Dufour and both incumbents, Lou Turco and Rick Niro so far.

Ward 5 could be one of the most interesting races with former Ward 5 seat holder David Celetti challenging Frank Fata and Marchi Bruni.

Christian Provenzano entered the race for Mayor last week joining incumbent Debbie Amaroso seeking her second term for Mayor. Heather Cook, Ted Johnston, Austin Williams and Robin Coull have all filed nominations.

The municipal election is held on October 27

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