Pay and Display Machines on Queen Street

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DSC_3126Sault Ste. Marie’s Parking Enforcement office has installed four new solar-powered Pay and Display machines along Queen Street between East and March Street; three on the north side and one on the south.

The Pay and Display machines are expected to be operational starting Monday, September 15, 2014.
The Pay and Display machines accept all Canadian and American coins, as well as MasterCard and Visa. The minimum payment for coins is 5 cents for three minutes, and the maximum is $2 for two hours. The minimum payment for use of a credit card is $1 for one hour, and the maximum is $2 for two hours.
Once payment has been inserted into the Pay and Display machine, a tag will be issued with an expiry time. The tag must be placed on the dashboard of the vehicle with the expiration time clearly visible. If the time has not expired, the tag can be used at other municipal parking meters or Pay and Display machines. The tags cannot be used on private property or permit-only lots such as Bell Avenue or the International Lot.
For more information, contact the Parking Enforcement office at 705-759-5320.