Poluck Keen On Town Hall Meetings


My highest priority is to organize and establish regular Ward 3 Town Hall meetings for residents to share information and reach consensus on Ward 3 issues.

Using a similar format in the past, I have witnessed firsthand how beneficial Community Partnership can be. The goal will be to ensure that Ward 3 Town Hall meetings will be regularly scheduled and accessible to all Ward 3 citizens.

Discussions are intended to be pertinent to issues of municipal concern. Space has been made available at Rome’s upstairs for November

The first steps towards “Ward 3 Town Hall” are already under way! Pine Street and Pleasant

Currently, neighbours are already involved and have begun the initial stages of Town HALL following a simple formula of problem solving: – IDENTIFY, STUDY, ACT and REVIEW

The concerns are related to traffic in the Pine Street and Pleasant area. The consensus of interested neighbours is that since the extension of Pine to Second Line, the following concerns have been identified:

Citizen Concerns

  • Speed Reduction
  • Intersection Safety
  • School Crossing
  • Parking

Suggested Solutions to Date

  • Three way stop at Pine and Pleasant
  • Extending School zone

Additional information is available at www.davidpoluck.ca – or join the conversation on this or any other topic on Facebook search davidpoluck. All Ready to work for Ward Three and the City. Support Ward 3Town Hall


  1. Good morning David. Very good topic and this sounds like a great plan on this format to conduct town hall meetings in Ward 3. I really think the residents will respond favourably and you should see good results from them. I have had the opportunity to be involved in many town hall meetings, from prostitution issues in the down town, budget discussions to re-zoning applications. I have found town hall meetings very helpful and informative, particularly during this past 4 years. My Ward Mate in Ward 5, Councillor Bruni and I, have worked very well together to carry out a number of these meetings and found them to be very worthwhile. In fact, we have one coming up to discuss some serious traffic concerns along the 3rd line extension, west of Great Northern Rd. to People’s Rd. The town hall meeting for the residents will involve discussions with Engineering and Police Services. Anytime you are in discussions on relevant issues with the residents of your Ward, it is a very important and worthwhile thing to do.
    Good luck David. It definitely sounds like a good plan.  

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