Pride Finally Comes to Sault Ste. Marie


With pride, a lot of volunteers, and a lot of work, Pridefest finally arrived in Sault Ste. Marie. The Pride flag was raised at city hall on Saturday morning, September 6, 2014. Smiles, tears, and cheers could be seen and heard from the people that attended the flag raising.

After years of heckling, bullying, taunting, and abuse, the pride community could finally say, “We’re here and we’re here to stay. We don’t have to hide anymore and we are proud of who we are.” They could consider themselves as part of our community, just like they do in larger cities like Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. They could walk our streets, work on jobs that everybody else works, and be accepted like everyone else is.

Congratulations to the Pride Community for this day and walk with your heads high.