Ring of Fire: The Tip of The Matter


An easy to read and concise summary about the Ring of Fire to date.

This crescent shaped and mineral rich area is approximately 240 kilometers west of James Bay and 500 kilometers northeast of Thunder Bay and has come to be known as the Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire encompasses an area of 5 120 sq. kilometers, covering an area slightly smaller than the Calgary Metropolitan Area. Experts say there is enough chromite in the Ring of Fire to meet North American needs for 200 years.

The Ring of Fire’s location in the James Bay Lowlands places it within the Hudson Bay Lowlands. Together, these areas form the largest peatland (a type of wetland) in the world and acts as an important carbon store. Wetlands are a naturally saturated environment, meaning that managing tailings (residue) and waste rock would be particularly challenging. The area also includes six out of twelve of Canada’s major rivers that converge and flow into James Bay.

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