Slowly Getting Colourful


Well, there you have it – Summer 2014 has come to a close. Autumn officially arrives On September 22 at 10:29 pm. Ironically a warm spell developing the day after will leave us in Sun and warmth back to the low 20’s  and that helps create the blazing colours of Fall in Algoma.  Warm days and cool nights will turn our greens into yellow, oranges, reds and purples.

There have been pockets of areas where the leaves are turning, but overall the fall colours are off to a slow start, that is about to change very quickly.

Some areas change quickly over others. Trees at higher elevations tend to change first like those in the Algonquin Park that is currently seeing 50% while others in lower elevations may be at the 20% peak.


Pancake Bay for example is currently listed at just 20 percent as is the Lake Superior Provincial Park . Leaves are just starting to change on top of the hills.  Batchawana Bay is the same.

Heading east towards the French River, there’s very little colour so far in fact its listed at 0% .  With that said, those in the know are predicting one of the most colourful Autumns in years. Those interested in tracking the colours can visit   There’s a team of people who track these things and update the site regularly so you can determine when to head out to catch Algoma’s Blaze of Colour.

Expect to see the leaves turn to peak viewing by the first week in October locally. Sooner the more north you travel.