The Nicholson’s Found Some Homespun Treasures


HOMESPUN TREASURESA passion for home decor has turned into a new full time business for a retired Sault Ste. Marie couple who are opening Homespun Treasures Thursday Downtown.

Ruth and David Nicholson were fans of craft shows both locally and in the states that inspired them to grow their interest into a small home based business for years before taking the plunge into their own store front location.

“Sometimes we wonder if we’re crazy” David laughed as the couple works hard to get the store ready with help from daughter Marian. David and Ruth bought the Queen street building in June known for years as Patrick Flynn’s and have been busy ever since renovating the space.

Done in a cozy country nook style, Homespun Treasures features rustic country decor from chairs and tables to ascents such as candles and wreaths. “We never really intended it to be full time” Ruth said, “but it has grown and grown rather quickly”

Ruth and David Nicholson owners of Homespun Treasures
Ruth and David Nicholson owners of Homespun Treasures

The store offers a mix of local artisan and imported crafts. “A lot of our inventory can be found in the magazine, Country Sampler, a popular magazine for country inspired decorators” David said.

Popularity of rustic country decor has grown and attracts a wide demographic said Ruth, “you can find a 20 year old to retired ladies , the interest is fairly wide open”

Ruth remembers,” we got started by making the crafts, Dave would do the wood working and I would do the painting, we’ve been doing this for at least 20 years”  The couple didn’t have the space for the larger pieces operating out of their home as they do now with a store chock full of nicknacks that would add personality to any home decor.  “We don’t have much time to do it ourselves anymore, but we still do a little bit”

Their inventory has grown quite a bit for their new location providing shoppers a wide selection of lamps, hand made crafts and wall hangings to name a few.

Homespun Treasures opens just in time for holiday decoration needs and gifts , joining a growing number of new businesses locating in the downtown area.

The stores opens on Thursday at 10am to 8pm  while  regular hours are Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5:30pm and through the fall until 8pm on Thursday nights.

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