United Way Goal – Assist 12,000 People


The United Way Community Leaders Breakfast and Campaign Launch was held Friday morning, September 26 at the Getaway Restaurant, OLG Casino SSM. Volunteer Campaign Co-Chair Dr. Richard Myers announced that instead of a financial goal, the goal this year is to assist 12,000 people. Campaign progress will be tracked using a mural of different people in the community, such as seniors, youth, children, etc.

“Our research indicates 12,000 local people are supported by at least one United Way program or service. If we can be part of an organization that helps this many people, we’d be glad to do so. After all, it’s not about money, it’s about people” (Dr. Richard Myers).

At the event, Dr. Myers received a number of “Pacesetter” donations; these are donations made prior to the launch of the campaign. Total Pacesetter donations are sufficient to assist 2,500 people.

The event also included a presentation of the United Way “Housing Retention Program.” The presentation included a description of the program by two program partners, the United Way Community Liaison Worker and Credit Counselling Service of Sault Ste. Marie and District, as well as a testimonial from a client of the program. The program is designed to assist people who are facing eviction by providing financial assistance, education and support.