What Really Went Down In The Multi-Vehicle Police Crash


UPDATED: The male involved in the multiple motor vehicle collisions yesterday afternoon appeared before a Justice of the Peace today and has been remanded to bail court tomorrow.

32-year old Joshua Brandon Smith of 4-424 Parliament Street has been charged with one count of dangerous driving, one count of flight from police, one count of assault with a weapon, one count of assault police officer, one count of assault, two counts of threatening to cause death or bodily harm, one count of impaired operation of a motor vehicle by drugs, one count of fail to remain at a motor vehicle collision that resulted in bodily harm and one count of fail to remain at a motor vehicle collision.

No further details are being released at this time.


Yesterday afternoon City Police received information to check on the well-being of a 32-year old male.

20140915_173100_resizedAt approximately 4:24 pm an officer from Patrol Services was travelling southbound on North Street when it is alleged that the male the officers were looking to locate backed his vehicle out of a driveway deliberately ramming the police cruiser. The officer received minor injuries and was treated at the hospital. The cruiser was inoperable. The male fled the scene and continued southbound on North Street towards the downtown area.

Other officers attended in the area to assist and locate the male. Police received several calls from the public regarding this vehicle driving erratically and at high rates of speed. Witnesses reported the driver was also driving through red lights.

Officers observed the vehicle in the area of Wellington Street East and Tancred Street and attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver sped away at a high rate of speed. The driver was allegedly hanging out the window of the vehicle as it was moving. Due to the volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic the officer discontinued the pursuit and advised other police vehicles of the direction of travel.

The driver continued westbound on Wellington Street East and turned southbound onto Gore Street; the wrong way on a one way street and struck a parked car. The driver continued southbound on Gore Street and rammed into another police cruiser.

The driver then reversed away and the police cruiser started to follow the driver. The driver then fell out of his window and ran directly at the police vehicle. The officer stopped his cruiser, jumped out and proceeded to chase after the male as he was running away.

The driver’s vehicle was still in gear and rolled and struck another parked vehicle on Gore Street.

The male turned and attempted to punch the officer; at this point the officer tasered the male. Other officers attended in the area and assisted with taking the male into custody.

The male was taken to the hospital. While at the hospital the male allegedly assaulted a nurse, threatened the nurse and also damaged a hospital bed. The male received minor injuries.

The male remains in police custody. The investigation is continuing and charges are pending against the male.


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