a $20,000 Gift

Gisele Anderson, Manager of the Maternal Child Program at Sault Area Hospital, demonstrates the safety involved in locking medication doors throughout her department. Scotiabank’s pledge helps ensure the safety of the patients and families throughout the Maternal Child Department. (John Koster, Scotiabank Community Branch Manager and Craig Chorney, Scotiabank Branch Manager)

Scotiabank made a gift this week in support of new equipment for the Maternal Child Department at the Sault Area Hospital. Through the Bright Future Program, Scotiabank have contributed a pledge of $20,000 to increase the technology available for healthcare professionals to ensure the safety and care of newborn children and their families.

The Scotiabank Bright Futures program brings together the philanthropic values of the organization and the passion of the employees at Scotiabank. For over 175 years, ‘Scotiabankers’ have had a history of giving back to the communities they call home to ensure they support the best places to live and work. “The decision to assist the Sault Area Hospital, in this case the Maternal Child Program, is essential to creating a better community. As the families of Sault Ste. Marie continue to grow, we value ensuring that this community is the best place to raise a family. That is what this gift means to our employees and the whole organization.” John Koster, Community Branch Manager, Scotiabank.

The gift from Scotiabank has been allocated to the purchase of equipment for patient safety, diagnosis and treatment. “The Maternal Child Department sees some of the most fragile patients. We are most appreciative of Scotiabank’s gift as it will ensure excellent care for our newborns and their families.” Cheryl Pavoni, Executive Director, Sault Area Hospital Foundation.

The Sault Area Hospital Foundation, on behalf of all the newborns that are delivered in our community and their families, would like to thank Scotiabank and their employees for the generous support and commitment to excellence in healthcare services in our community.