Agenda Process Needs To Change :Poluck


Ward 3 candidate, David Poluck says the Procedural By-law is in need of review. “Like any organization in order to get the best results leading to improvements, adjustment to current operations should regularly be made.” Poluck said in a release Thursday.

Poluck says he will push for changes such as the delivery of the agenda to council and when its made public. He suggests the agenda be prepared a month in advance.

“The process of agenda is in need of a review” Poluck said, “the issue that was stated in a candidates press release is nothing new to the business of council. The way the current process happens is no longer efficient and no longer serves the public best interest.” 

“Changes to current council agenda process are needed in order to make available and advance the lead times so that community and council can be better informed on future municipal business.”

Poluck’s Suggested Improvements
23. Agenda
23.4 Delivery of Agenda to Council and Public
• Publish monthly advanced
• Advance publication timeline to council and public
23.5 Release of Agenda to Public
• Advance publication timeline to council
24. Delegations
24.1 Request in Writing
Amend to add “Specify delegations and or special interest groups to be considered to be put on the agenda”
24.2 Submission
Amend to add “Specify delegations and or special interest groups to be considered to be put on the agenda”
24.4 Appeal
Amend to add “that person should be notified of that decision in a timely manner so that they have an opportunity to appeal the decision”
24.5 Length of Delegation
Opportunity to respond to questions and clarify misunderstanding of council
25. By-Laws
25.2 Three Readings
• Read as one per meeting as to allow time for consideration and public input

Click here for current Order of Procedure
David Poluck
Ward 3 Candidate

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