Algoma District Tourism: Jobs, Turbines, Trains and the Group of Seven


Northern Ontario- so unique from the rest of the province that it doesn’t even feel connected to their lower counterparts. Haunting lakes, dramatic cliffs and an untamed wilderness where tens upon tens of thousands of creatures great and small endure- they see us though we may not see them.

The North’s greatest natural assets lay upon the untouched landscape and along the most pristine shorelines in the world. Such is the beauty of this place that one hundred years ago, Canada’s most revered and universally celebrated artists came together to capture its breathtaking vistas.

However, as of late, the tourism industry in the Algoma District, and the rest of Northern Ontario, has been forced into a defensive position. The unforeseen announcement, issued by the Canadian National Railway Company, that passenger rail service between Sault Ste. Marie and Hearst is to be eliminated would severely restrict access to the North’s most valuable asset- the great outdoors; and the Liberal governments’ commitment to turning Northern Ontario into the ‘Wind Capital of the World’ threatens to bastardize the Northern landscape forever.

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