Amaroso Ready To Move On


Don’t expect to see Debbie Amaroso in politics ever again. After suffering a devastating loss Monday night losing to Christian Provenzano for Mayor, Amaroso is ready to hang up her political career.

On Friday, Amaroso responded to a request for an interview with Saultonline. “sorry there will be no exit interview and I’m fairly confident in saying it will be the last you hear of me politically in this city”

Amaroso also posted a message on Facebook :
Thanks everyone for your ongoing love and support. Please know that I will move on from this disappointment. There are so many important and special things in my life that this is exactly what this is…….a disappointment. Life is so good that I cannot let this define me. I appreciate all of you.

Amaroso was seeking her second term for Mayor after a landslide win in 2010 making Debbie Amaroso the first female Mayor in the history of the city.

Provenzano took 12,534 while Amaroso received 10,565 votes.


  1. How come no story about the Butland debacle??? It is certainly newsworthy when some one you put in a position of trust is found to be a tad underhanded, to say the least…..

    • I agree. If you really know Deb Amaroso you will know that she passionately cares for the city and devoted a great deal of time and energy to the position. We are a better city than we were 4 years ago and I thank her for representing us.

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