And Now a Game Changer For Bon Soo!

Mr. Bon Soo chatting with Justus Veldman and staff from Entomica at the Mill Market building, on the same site as his new Winter Playground.

Mr. Bon Soo is on the move again! This time to The Mill Market that will bring a whole new life and feel  to the annual winter carnival in 2015.

The Bon Soo Winter Carnival called Bellevue Park home for many years before moving back to the downtown area and the Bondar Pavilion in 2012.

Kerrie De Poli , Bon Soo manager told that the new venue allows for more activity and space.

“The slides and the Tim Horton’s Winter playground will be located opposite OLG Casino, “De Poli   said.

“This year we’re having a “Grand Opening” instead of an Opening Ceremonies” De Poli said, who is very excited about the new possibilities that the Mill Market venue brings. “ It will offer the best parking Bon Soo has ever had, and good accessibility for all guests

“The feedback we have heard is people want more stuff to do, more activities to do during the opening, I think you’ll see more of a buskery type atmosphere this year”

De Poli said the idea of moving to the Mill Market started this summer. “I was at the opening of Mill Market and I told my husband, this is where Bon Soo needs to be”, later by chance DePalma was at another function sitting with someone from the Mill Market and we just started talking”

De Poli told that the carnival will move over to the main area of the Mill Market when the Farmer’s Market and other attractions move into the main buildings expected to be next year.

The 52nd Ontario Winter Carnival is still in the early planning stages as far as the programs and events. It will run from February 6- 15, 2015. “We have have the classics back and some new events” De Poli  said. “The Canal District is an exciting place to be!”