Coffee Club Chatter


Coffee club chatter occurs everywhere and in this case we took our cameras to Otto’s Place where friends get together every Saturday morning for coffee and a gabfest. This week we discuss the upcoming election to be held on Monday Oct. 27th


  1. Mike Caruso, looks like a pretty astute bunch of guys you met up with on Saturday morning at Otto’s place. And very clear headed on what they want to see happen in Sault Ste. Marie and what they expect to see from their Ward councillors come Oct. 28, 2014.
    Vince Volpe, you could have broken your silence and made a few comments on what you want to see happen in Ward 4 on Monday. Ah, those strong, manly types; they’re always the ones who believe that action speaks louder than simple words. Especially during election time. Right Vince ?
    Anyway, good luck to all of us on Election Day Monday. Let’s hope that the results are encouraging and let’s hope that going forward, SSM is better positioned to take advantage of opportunities; from the upper levels of government but more so, from the incredibly important private sector. Without the private sector’s dreams and eventual investments, 100 years ago, SSM would have simply remained a figment of someone’s imagination. Seriously !!!!!!
    Now,Otto, that was 9:29 am, right ???

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