Could the 2014 – 2015 School year see labour disruptions?: Schuran


72 concerned parents/teachers/students attended a recent Town Hall information session. I wanted to hear directly from them their concerns/questions/comments.
A concern was raised over not only the Central Table Strike Vote Results but the local strike vote as well.


The provincial Executive of OSSTF/FEESO is reporting that 89% of the Teacher/Occasional Teacher Bargaining Units voted 89% in favor of a Strike mandate and the Support Staff Bargaining Units (which include EA’s and Early Childhood Educators) voted 82% in favor. Locally in the Sault the numbers reflected much the same with Teachers/Occasional Teachers voting in the low 90’s and the Support staff in the mid 80’s.

On Tuesday October 14th OSSTF/FEESO made an application to the Ontario Relations Labour Board asking for a determination as to what matters shall be included within the scope of the central bargaining between OSSTF/FEESO, the Ontario Public School Boards Association and the Crown. A ruling is expected next week. Our students, teachers and parents can ill afford to have a repeat of the events that occurred last year. I encourage you all to research Bill #122 and challenge all trustees to become proactive.

Another hot topic was the Accommodation Review in respect to WM Merrifield. Parents voiced their frustration with trying to get information from the ADSB website, “you really have to go searching to find the information” said one concerned parent. The first meeting was held September 30th and for those that could not attend would like to review the minutes from that meeting that have yet to be posted on the website.

As a Trustee I would ensure board transparency, have information readily available and easy to access thus encouraging open communication. I would insist on recorded votes to eliminate secret voting. As a trustee I would lobby the government to increase the grants provided for school boards to hire teaching assistants and professional support staff.

A Schuran vote means getting Leadership, Honesty, Integrity and Experience. On October 27th make your vote count.