Dear Neighbours


Dear Neighbours,

Having been involved for the last eight years as an organizer in the Sault Association of Ratepayers, I have long worked for positive change in our municipal system. I felt it was time to run for the position of representative for Ward 3, in 2014 bringing forward, experience that I gained while working with others for positive solutions.

As you know I have been very concerned about improving our relations and our interaction with our municipal government. I’m in favour of good governance through;

Active community participation
Open accountability
Continuous improvement

It has been my great fortune to work with many wonderful people from across our city – all with the common goal of becoming better connected within their community and municipal system.
I have, and continue to believe there are workable solutions that will enhance those connections.

I propose and am dedicated to;

Building an active “Ward 3 Town Hall”
Bettering the “Finance Committee” community inclusion
Improve” Procedures of Council”
Represent the Ward to the best of my ability

As your representative, I will be accessible and available, located at 357 Northern Avenue East or by phone 705-253-2645. I am also just a click away at [email protected]
I encourage you to check for past successes and details on how we can successfully navigate and improve the municipal system with “Ward 3 Town Hall” and other initiatives.
“I am, all ready to work for Ward 3 and the City”
It has been a pleasure meeting people of the ward at their doors and it is my fervent wish to continue the conversations we started to improvements you want to see.

I ask for your vote October 27th – and your continued support afterwards as well, so that together, we can further efforts to grow community partnership.

Thank you in advance for your support and encouragement.



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