EQAO: Secondary Results and Recognition of Michipicoten High School

Principal of Michipicoten High School Petar Kusic (centre) with teacher Cindy Jozin (l) and Vice Principal Tarmo Poldmaa (r).

On September 24th the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) publicly released the 2014 school and school-board results from its Grade 9 EQAO Math Assessment and the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT). Algoma District School Board issued a release about our results on that date titled “Algoma District School Board EQAO Secondary Results Shared.”

Michipicoten High School Profiled by EQAO:
Every year, EQAO visits a number of schools to talk to educators and to see how EQAO data are being used to inform discussions and planning for student achievement.

According to the Education Quality and Accountability Office they are schools whose trends in student achievement on provincial assessments show that something positive is going on within the school community. These schools are then highlighted provincially by EQAO.

Algoma District School Board is pleased to announce that Michipicoten High School (MHS) in Wawa is one of 13 secondary schools in the province being profiled this year.

In addition Michipicoten High School will be honoured with the Dr. Bette M. Stephenson Recognition of Achievement. This award was established in 2009 in honour of Dr. Stephenson’s pivotal role on the EQAO Board of Directors and her lifelong commitment and contribution to Ontario’s publicly funded education system. This recognition program acknowledges school communities throughout Ontario that have distinguished themselves through their leadership, data-driven strategies and whole-school approaches to help every child succeed. Each of these schools has adopted an action plan based on their unique circumstances to work toward improved student outcomes.

MHS will receive their Recognition of Achievement at a dinner and reception to be held in Toronto on November 19th. The next day the MHS team will take part in a Learning Forum.

MHS is being recognized as a dedicated school community whose staff is making use of EQAO data to identify trends and make decisions about where improvements are needed for the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT). The school is committed to student success and works hard to ensure that students have the supports they need to achieve this success.

For instance, “Through the analysis of student responses on EQAO’s Item Information Reports, staff members noted that many students were close to achieving a higher score code and being successful on the OSSLT. Accordingly, the staff members chose to focus on the students’ ability to complete the short-writing questions competently. Using modelling, graphic organizers, anchor charts and direct instruction, the teachers introduced a consistent formula for paragraph writing across the curriculum. Realizing that some students needed basic literacy skills, they developed a similar process for teaching a standardized approach to the sentence: CCCAPS (Capitalization, Complete, Comma, Avoidance of run-on, Punctuation and Spelling).” ~ excerpt from EQAO School Profile (MHS).

Principal Petar Kusic shared his thoughts in the report “We pride ourselves here at Michipicoten for having developed a caring, challenging and safe environment in which students can excel. Through our “Team Viking” approach, we have used EQAO data to help improve our literacy skills. All the staff focus on literacy content and improvement.”

Michipicoten High School Principal Petar Kusic, Vice-Principal Tarmo Poldmaa and teacher Cynthia Chiupka-Jozin were on hand at the Board meeting on behalf of all MHS staff members. They were thanked by Director of Education Lucia Reece and Superintendent Joe Maurice for their “… proactive and student-focused initiatives and their commitment which has created an environment where students are engaged in their learning, are comfortable asking for help and are confident about their ability to succeed.” ~ excerpt from EQAO School Profile (MHS).

The complete report on MHS and all ADSB secondary school results are available on the EQAO website at www.eqao.com.