Fine Arts Program Moves to Mill Square


Algoma University signed an agreement today to lease shared space for its visual fine arts program at the Machine Shop at Mill Square. The agreement, a 16-month lease with the option of a three-year renewal, will facilitate major growth for the Algoma U visual fine arts program.

Professor Tom O’Flanagan, Department Chair of the Algoma University visual fine arts program, says that faculty and students are elated at the news. “The fine arts faculty and students of Algoma University are thrilled with the news that our program will be moving to the remarkable Machine Shop space at Mill Square. This represents the culmination of seven years of planning, consultation, and investigation in the service of enhancing and expanding the potentials of our Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and its professional opportunities.”

A lofty, beautiful space, the Machine Shop at Mill Square provides the University with the opportunity to further contribute to the increasing vitality of Sault Ste. Marie. This new facility will also establish one of the most distinctive fine arts centres in Canada, and will assist in the redevelopment of the Canal District and Mill Square. It will breathe a second century of life into this irreplaceable local landmark.

“Moving our fine arts program to the beautiful Machine Shop building is a sign of positive and continued growth at Algoma University,” said University President, Dr. Richard Myers. “This new facility will provide ample space for students to study and create works of art in an inspiring setting, but will also help recruit prospective students to study at such a remarkable facility.”
Justus Veldman, CEO of Riversedge Developments, stressed that Algoma University will continue to enhance the cultural experience of Mill Square. “It’s initiatives like these that are catalysts for revitalizing the heart of our City by creating an environment where not only the arts can thrive, but a community can thrive through the positive influence educational institutions bring to the downtown core. We only have to look to Sudbury, Brantford and Windsor to see the benefits. It’s inspiring to see the leadership Algoma University is taking by expanding their fine arts program to the Machine Shop at Mill Square. On behalf of the team at Riversedge Developments and Mill Square, welcome to the neighbourhood.”

This is the second Algoma University academic program to move to the Mill Square development. In August, the music department announced its move to the former St. Marys Paper site, which began its programming in September. Once renovations are complete, fine arts programming is expected to begin at the Machine Shop in January of 2015.

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