Is This Your Dog?


A black dog has been spotted on Trout Lake Road for the last couple of days and no one seems to know who the dog belongs to.

The male dog, appears to be about 3 to 5 yeas old has a nice purple collar on him. Attempts to catch the dog have been unsuccessful. The dog is very frightened, shaking and cold. He also appears to have a limp on one of his hind legs and may be lost.

According to people in the area, the dog has been wandering the Trout Lake Road for several days.

If you know about this dog, please contact the owners.  Trout Lake Road is located just north of Sault Ste. Marie.





  1. My husband went out this morning for a couple of hours looking for the dog, is that the owner that has him?

  2. So glad your dog was found Maryann! we went looking for him today for about 3 hours. We couldn’t find him, so we stopped at the HS and sure enough, someone had just dropped him off! So happy that you are reunited!!

  3. To whoever caught him. The owner has been looking for him he chased some coyotes off of their property a few days ago. The owners name is Maryann Cavaliere. please contact her

  4. Whoever caught this dog PLEASE contact me. His name is chester. He ran off chasing coyotes a couple days ago. My name is maryann please please please call me. 705 2549876. Thank you so much to everyone who tried to help him!

    • so so so happy u are reunited with chester..he is a very lucky dog to be alive if he chased a pack..hope he is safe indoors with you at night now 🙁 and not prancin after them….and to the people who found him…awesommmmmmme job!!!!!

  5. Was he near the corner Bruce? I was to town and back already and didn’t see him. I will go out for a bit this afternoon with wieners and treats…

  6. Don’t believe so. First time I seen him was yesterday. Almost hit him twice in the dark out by tracks as he blends into the night well. We spent 45 mins this morning on way to work trying to get close enough to get a leash on him but too skittish. Really hope someone got him and he’s warm with a full belly 🙁

    • someone on the lost and found pet site asked if his name was buddy..hotdogs and chicken can usually lure in a soft gentle and low to the ground..don’t chase him let him come to u..pretend u are eating..makin the mmm noise makes them curious..don’t stare him in the eyes.pretend u enjoy the food more then him..please please help this boy 🙁

  7. I haven’t seen him around at all but will keep an eye out… he’s not from the new house by the corner is he Bruce? I thought I saw a black dog there a few times this summer.

  8. Bought him a big burger on the way home and searched the entire area with no luck. Hopefully someone saw this story and was able to help him. Maybe even his family.

  9. This kind of story breaks my heart. I just want to go out there and get him. Good for you Sault Online. I hope you can at least get some food to him until he can be rescued.

  10. It’s so tempting to just take him home but I already have 3 🙁 if he’s still around this evening when I get home from work will feed him and try to get him out of danger.

  11. Looks a bit hungry someone should just claim him take him home show him love or try to catch him and bring him to a shelter,its getting cold,and those aren’t a good area for a dog to run at stray.

    • I hope to god u can get him safe..wildlife he is running for his life….live trap..hotdogs?? im praying for u to help him!!

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