It’s Not So Bad Being a Criminal in Canada


I was very disturbed yesterday when I read online that 66-year-old Ian Ellis, a convicted child molester who lives in British Columbia is being set free. Ellis was convicted in 2007 for sexually assaulting a seven year old girl and for possessing child pornography.
Police are warning the public that he is at a “high risk” for re-offending., and poses a “risk of significant harm to the safety of young girls”

So WHY are they letting him out? Well, it’s because he has done his time. This makes no sense to me. Why are the time limits so short for this type of crime? Our laws are much too lenient when it comes to violent crime and crimes against children.

Vince Li, who beheaded a fellow traveler and ate parts of his body on a greyhound bus six years ago is now out on unescorted trips from the Medical Health Centre where he was being held.
Lead psychiatrist Dr. Steven Kremer said Li, a schizophrenic,” has stopped experiencing delusions and is a model, non-violent patient.”
Right…..He was found not criminally responsible for his heinous acts because he was schizophrenic . Well it’s nice to know that Li is just fine now.I’m sure the victim’s family feels all warm and fuzzy about Li having his freedom while their loved one is dead.

Closer to home, We now have a 20-year-old man living in the Sault who, when he was a teenager, stabbed nurse Lindsay Lemieux,, to death in Sudbury. He stabbed her over 80 TIMES! Because he was a young offender, we do not know his name or what he looks like, but he`s here, in our city apparently rehabilitated. I don`t know about you, but this scares me. How will you know if he say, starts dating your daughter, or makes friends with someone dear to you. They don`t believe he is a danger to society, but I have my doubts. When you are 14 and commit such a vicious crime, there is something wrong with your head. He served four years at a youth detention facility in the Sault, where he received ” intensive treatment”. He will now serve the next three years in society with supposedly strict conditions. I just don’t get it!
It seems that you can get away with almost anything and you get nothing more than the proverbial slap on the wrist.

Guy Turcott, a Quebec doctor stabbed his two children to death. He served just 18 months and was then released in from the Pinel Institute in Montreal after doctors said he had made enough progress in his treatment. . 18 months for stabbing your children to deat? Apparently he was not criminally responsible for the deaths because he was depressed and his relationship with his wife was falling apart. Poor guy! Then of course it makes sense that you would kill your children as a way to work through depression!!!. Thankfully The Crown is asking for a new trial. I pray that this man gets a more fitting punishment . He took the lives of two innocent children!!!!

The trial of Luka Magnotta, accused of the murder and dismemberment of Jun Lin is now going on. And of course he is pleading “not guilty by reason of insanity”. Never mind that he planned the murder six months before he actually committed the crime. He obviously is insane, but not because he didn’t know what he was doing! He man is a monster and should never see the world beyond prison walls.

I could go on and on about crimes committed by supposedly insane perpetrators . They go into a psychiatric hospital for a year or two, and then, surprise! they are magically healed and are set free. It really makes you wonder about our judicial system.

Recently there was a case here in the Sault involving a young man who was so severely beaten by two other young men that he lost the sight in one eye and was bed-ridden for six months. Jake Doan is now blind in one eye, has no depth perception,and suffers severe pain in his neck He said he suffers from anxiety , post-traumatic stress disorder,and depression. His mother testified that ” portions of the family home had to be renovated for Jake’s recovery, there has been approximately $65,000 in medical, rehabilitation, and therapy bills, a minimum of $20,000 loss of her income, and the family has helped Jake pay back student loans because he cannot work. (from the Sault Star).
The perpetrators of the crime, Ryan and Jordon Rochetta have been found guilty. ..Jordon of aggravated assault, and Ryan guilty of assault simpliciter. If you go online and read the Sault Star’s coverage of this trial you will find many disturbing facts about this case.

Jake Doan said that Vic Fremlin, owner of the property where the assault took place, at one point choked him around the neck and threw him to the ground, Fremlin was not charged
Matthew Gauthier, a witness to the attack and who testified that he himself was assaulted that night told the court, that he witnessed a conversation between Doan and Fremlin .“Vic Fremlin was telling Jake not to make a big deal out of this, not to come after (him) or (his) money and that it takes a lot of money to sue someone and (Doan) will run out of money before (Fremlin) did,” said Gauthier.
Gauthier described Fremlin as “aggressive.”(from the Sault Star.)
Doan is suing Fremlin for negligence and has launched a civil suit against his alleged assailants.

The part of this that is most troubling to me is that the judge in this case,has said that he has “no intention of sentencing Ryan Rocchetta to jail,”
This was a vicious beating and it should not go unpunished, yet apparently that is exactly what is going to happen. Rochetta will; probably get probation or some other minor punishment while Jake Doan will be paying for this beating for the rest of his life.

It happens all the time. People commit crimes, some of them so disturbing that you would think they are going to put away for life or at the very least receive a penalty in accordance with the severity of the crime.
I wish someone had the guts to “fix” this injustice and side with the victims in these cases instead of going easy on the guilty parties.


  1. Well said. Too bad the judicial system is worried about fronting taxpayers money to jails to hold these people. Instead we give them welfare because they cant find a job after their acts of stupidity.

  2. I do not think the insanity defense should be a free walk or a get out of jail soon card.
    When after a time these people,because of treatment and medication,
    are well.
    In many cases part of the defense at trial is that the accused was off their medication.
    Who is to compel these now free individuals(model patients) to stay on their drugs?

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