Mayoral Candidate Ted Johnston Punched In The Face


People who run for a political office put their faces out there but they don’t expect to be assaulted.

That’s what happened to Mayoral candidate Ted Johnston Thursday night.

“I don’t own a car, mostly for environmental and financial reasons, which means I walk everywhere. While returning home Thursday evening I was going down Albert Street when less than a block from my door the altercation occurred. When you pass someone on the sidewalk the usual result here in Sault Ste. Marie is that you look at them, nod, smile or exchange a greeting and then go on your individual way. That is one of the reasons I like living here and there was no indication prompting me to be on guard that night as opposed to those thousands of times before.” Johnston said.

“Without any warning this individual struck me. Unprovoked and unexpected attacks are very difficult to defend against, so I caught almost the full force of the punch. He stepped back just outside striking range but otherwise gave no indication he had any skill in hand to hand combat.” Johnston said.

The attacker did manage to give Johnston a black eye. “My glasses had been knocked off but with the aid of some passers by, these were located and fortunately not damaged.”

The first time candidate believes the man may have mistook him for someone else. “Apparently at that point he decided that perhaps a mistake had been made on his part and took off west down Albert Street.”

Johnston notified the police about the encounter “I had been a victim of an unprovoked, unpredictable attack but my concern was that if this young man decided to try again with someone who was not as experienced and resilient as myself, it could result in serious injuries.”

Despite the attack, Johnston says the Sault is still a good place to live.

“I am still unafraid to live here, unafraid to walk the streets, and eager to tell others that I live in a city where that is the case and where most of my neighbors are nothing more than decent, hard working, good natured people.” Johnston said.