Mugged on the Hub Trail


Yesterday afternoon City Police received a report of a robbery.

On Tuesday October 14th at approximately 8:30 pm an adult female was walking her dog on the Fort Creek hub trail.

A male approached the victim from behind, pushed her and grabbed her cell phone, which she had been using as a flashlight. The victim fell to the ground and received minor injuries.

The suspect fled with her cell phone. The male is described as being approximately 6 feet tall with a husky build. He was wearing a dark coloured hoodie with the hood up and light colour track pants. He may have also been wearing a ball cap.

The stolen cell phone is a Samsung Galaxy 3, blue in colour and in a pink case.
The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service is asking anyone with information regarding the robbery to contact the City Police at 705-949-6300.

Incidents of this nature are not common on the City’s hub trails. However it is always a good reminder to exercise caution when walking at night. If possible, walk with a friend. Avoid dark areas where there are few people around. Stay in well-lit and well-travelled areas. Ensure you are wearing bright or reflective clothes so that you are visible.


  1. The places robbery is used should be revised to say mugging. Robberies, under starue involve wepons and threat of harm. Also, sound advisal about walking. People should think about what is around them. We may not be in NYC but we needto be aware of safety, too.

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