Poluck Has a Question


The following was a question that I submitted for the October 5, 2014 Chamber of Commerce Mayoral debate. It was not read as part of the questioning and realistically the format and time restraint were not ideal but now gives the opportunity for timely thoughtful responses from those seeking the position of Head of Council.

As an undecided voter I am not only looking from the average citizen’s perspective but as a candidate who may in the future be working with one of them as Mayor. It is my hope that by having an answer to this question I will be able to conclude a decision to where my vote will go when it comes to the mayoral race.

A question to all mayoral candidates,

With such responsibilities, the head of council has a prominent and highly public profile. Many citizens within your municipality will have high and often varied expectations for the head of council. The head of council must find a way to balance these expectations as specifically outlined in the Municipal Act.

Understanding that decisions of the municipality are made by council as a whole and the head of council does not have any more power than any other member of council to make decisions on behalf of the municipality.

Using the information of what is outlined in your campaigns and past work experience.
What sets you apart from the other mayoral candidates in your opinion, to fulfill the important role and responsibilities as head of council and balance the expectations as specifically outlined in the Municipal Act?

David Poluck
Ward 3 Candidate,
Undecided voter