Pretty In Pink

Scott Turnbull KISS 100.5 - They really bring out your eyes Scott

It’s amazing what some guys will do to look good. What’s even more amazing is they actually did!
If you see some prominent Sault Ste. Marie guys around town with pink nails, you really should acknowledge how pretty their hands are.

Lou Turco - Will have pink nails at the Greyhound game
Lou Turco – Will have pink nails at the Greyhound game

All kidding aside, these guys did it for a great cause. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and this year to kick off the campaign the local branch of the Canadian Cancer Society held the first MANicures at Lifeforia Wellness Club on Pine Street.

Some of the good sports included, Frank Palumbo (Northside Toyota) – Mark Berlingieri (Northside VW)
– Robert A. Keetch (Police Chief)- Scott Turnbull (KISS 100.5) who got his nails painted by Lou-Anne Young as well as Lou Turco and Rodney Buzdygan, Manager of the Canadian Cancer Society office in the Sault, William Johnson from the Crown Attorney’s Office and Matthew Caputo. MPP David Orazietti and MP Bryan Hayes were also on the list but we didn’t see them there.

Check out the gallery to see how these guys made out!