Provenzano Releases Platform “Big Challenges”


Today, Mayoral candidate Christian Provenzano officially released his platform outlining the priorities he intends to pursue if elected Mayor. The platform contains initiatives that address Provenzano’s three core values: leadership, accountability, and responsible spending. The full platform is available on Provenzano’s campaign website at

Provenzano says, “It’s fair to say that we have some big challenges in Sault Ste. Marie. I entered the race for Mayor because I feel that we have not made enough progress on these challenges over the past four years. I do not want to take away from anyone’s work and efforts but, on balance, I do not believe that we have seen enough initiative, enough proactivity, enough decisiveness or enough accountability from our most recent municipal government. “

Continues Provenzano, “What I want to stress to voters during the next month is that they have a choice in this election. A choice between keeping the status quo and the passivity that has defined the last four years, or opting for new leadership and a more assertive approach to advancing our community. My belief is that we can’t afford to wait for things to happen, we have to be willing to make them happen. My platform and other policies that I will be announcing soon are going to describe how I plan to do this.”

Highlights from Provenzano’s platform include:

● Engaging council in a full program spending review;
● Limiting closed door and in-camera decisions;
● Launching Downtown 2025 – a community-wide initiative to re-imagine the downtown core;
● Seeking a seat on the PUC Board of Directors and encouraging more of the councillors to get involved with PUC boards. Provenzano will also request that the PUC make a senior staff person available for every City Council meeting; and,
● Initiating ‘Project Target’ – a joint effort with the EDC to target employers that have businesses that are compatible with Sault Ste. Marie’s capacity and encouraging them to establish operations in the city.

Remarks Provenzano, “I’m looking forward to discussing these ideas with voters as the campaign continues. We’re also going to be releasing some additional policy proposals over the next several weeks that I am personally excited about.”