PUC Activities Next Week

PUC Building

PUC wishes to advise the public of the following water distribution activities for the week of November 3, 2014. This notice is organized into three sections; Infrastructure Renewal, Operation Activities and UDF Activity.

PUC is committed to the continual improvement of our water distribution system. The following is a list of active infrastructure renewal projects currently underway:
London Street Reconstruction (Francis Street to North Street)

New watermain is being installed between Francis and North Street. The new main will undergo a process of swabbing, flushing, pressure testing and disinfection to ensure it is ready to be connected to the existing distribution system.
Forest Avenue

A large section of the water distribution system in The Crescent and Forest Avenue area is being upgraded. During that process, customers in the area generally bounded by Ontario Avenue to Wellington Street and Pim Street to Upton Road are reminded that there is a possibility they could draw discoloured water.

Operational activities for the week are:
Pim Street & Oxford Street
A new water service is being installed, tested and commissioned for a new building.
Bridge Plaza
A new watermain will be tested and then connected for the new bridge plaza.
Crimson Ridge Condo Development

A new commercial water service is being installed. This installation will result in a brief service interruption for some residents on Fourth Line. Customers that are directly affected will receive notification prior to the system interruption.
Cambrian Mall – Great Northern Road
A new commercial water service is being commissioned at the request of Cambrian Mall.
785 Great Northern Road
A new water service is being installed and connected for the new Northside Mazda.
There is a chance customers in the areas impacted by Infrastructure Renewal or Operational Activities could experience discoloured water. This is due to the fact that any time there is a major change in the rate or direction of flow of water in the distribution system, sediment in the watermains can be disturbed and carried along with the water.

PUC water customers are advised that the Unidirectional Flushing (UDF) Program in the east and west ends of the city has finished for the season. UDF crews will be in the downtown core checking watermain valves for accessibility prior to commencing flushing activity the second week of November.

Customers are encouraged to visit the PUC website at www.ssmpuc.com for regular updates and to see a map(s) of the flushing area. The UDF Program is performed in order to remove sediment from within the city’s watermains and is a recognized industry best practice for improving water quality.

Customers are reminded that during flushing activity, there is a high probability some customers outside of the flushing area could also experience discoloured water, potentially up to several kilometers away.
The PUC would like to remind all customers that work scheduled for next week is tentative and subject to change due to weather or resource constraints.