Rosedale Public School named a “Cool School” by Owl Magazine!

Some of the 26 students from Rosedale who appear in this month’s issue of Owl Magazine.

In 2008 Mason, a student at Rosedale Public School, underwent surgery. Any surgery is a serious matter and this was not just “any” surgery – this was a kidney transplant. His surgery went well; he recovered and in 2011 Mason was granted a trip to Disney World courtesy of the Children’s Wish Foundation.

That was three years ago. Now, Mason and his classmates are being featured in the October 2014 issue of Owl Magazine. While in Grade 5, the class was moved to action following Mason’s experience. The students took it upon themselves, along with their teacher Mme. Zorzi, to hold a bake sale and all proceeds went to the Children’s Wish Foundation.

The students baked, organized and publicized the event. It was a great success raising over $450 dollars. One of Mason’s classmates, Audrey wrote a letter to Owl Magazine telling them about the fundraiser and submitted it to the magazine’s section known as “Cool Schools!”. There is a large, colourful photo of this dedicated group of students in this month’s issue of Owl Magazine.

The students, now in Grade 6, were commended at the Board meeting on Tuesday October 7th for their thoughtfulness, caring and compassion. These qualities fit perfectly with the Board’s Priority Focus of Well-being for this month’s meeting.

Chair Jennifer Sarlo, Director Lucia Reece and Superintendent Brenda O’Neill all commented on how these students demonstrated their concern for a fellow student and organized themselves to give back, not just on a local level but on a more international level.