Shoemaker Thanks Residents for a Positive Campaign


With the municipal election on October 27th just a few days away, Ward Three council candidate Matthew Shoemaker released the following open letter to voters and residents:

“Dear Friends,

I entered the race for council because I want our next municipal government to be pro-business, fiscally responsible, and transparent to its residents and taxpayers. I have been heartened to discover during this campaign that many residents in Ward Three feel the same way.

I’ve based my campaign around the theme of ‘New Energy and Fresh Ideas.’ To that end, I have brought forward numerous proposals that will benefit residents in Ward Three and across the city. These include:

· A proposal that would aim to keep tax increases at or below the rate of inflation;
· Synchronizing traffic signals and setting traffic lights to flashing after midnight;
· Releasing my personal council expenses and my council voting record online;
· A PUC report card to track issues with brown water and other utility services; and
· Several accountability measures for city-funded organizations.

As always, these proposals and more information on my platform is available online at

Through the campaign is nearing its conclusion, I’m hopeful this will just be the beginning of the hard work ahead. I have dedicated myself to my campaign and I will do the same if given the opportunity to serve as one of your representatives on council. I promise I’ll always look for fresh ideas to save our city money, and keep the cost of living in our city affordable.

I’d like to thank the citizens of Ward Three who have made this experience such a positive one. I am grateful to the many homeowners who displayed lawn signs and those who contacted me with concerns or to offer encouragement. The thousands of people who were gracious enough to speak with me for a minute or two at their doorstep or out on the street have had an enormous impact on my campaign, and I promise that, if elected, I will be your voice at City Hall.

The campaign is not yet done, in fact, if you live in Ward Three, there is still a chance you may find me at your door in the next several days. However, in a few short days, the decision will be yours to make. I hope I have done enough to earn your trust and your vote on October 27th.”